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Monkstown Nursery School, Monkstown, Newtownabbey

Another Busy Week

15th Sep 2020
  • We have been practicing our safe walking feet inside the classroom and when we use the steps outside
  • We have been trying to complete snack routine on our own
  • We made a wall for our Humpty Dumpty and put him on top
  • We made some Kinnexwx models and followed the instructions 
  • In the water tray we have practicing our pouring and filling
  • We enjoyed using the telephones and ringing for the doctor Like Miss Polly
  • We decided to change our house corner to the hospital and we have been taking care of the babies
  • Outside we are in the bottom part of the play area. We have enjoyed digging and using our Music Wall
  • Grace had her birthday so we all got to sing Happy Birthday and enjoyed her buns and sweets