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Monkstown Nursery School, Monkstown, Newtownabbey

Wee Critters

26th Oct 2021

Allan from ‘Wee Critters’ brought 8 of his favourite creatures into our nursery. Everyone enjoyed seeing them and learning some very interesting facts too!

We saw …
1) a Madagascar cockroach 🪳 called ‘Craig Number 37’
2) a tarantula 🕷 called ‘Charlotte’
3) a toad 🐸 called ‘Trevor’
4) a snake 🐍 called ‘William’ (Shakespeare)
5) a harvest mouse 🐭 called ‘Barley’
6) a barn owl 🦉 called ‘Pepper’
7) a hedgehog 🦔 called ‘Tiggy’
8) a skunk 🦨 called ‘Scampi’

Allan told us that children have grown ups to help keep them safe but these creatures all had their own special ways to protect themselves in the wild.